Wednesday, September 9, 2009


What! I can believe my eyes. My last post was in June. I am extremely bz actually and do not have time to sit infront of my computer. But today, the date is so special i can't resist to sit infront of my computer and post something to my blog. What a pretty date - 09/09/09. I must do something today with the date 'printed' on it. Well the easiest way is to post something to my blog and here i am.

I send sms to some of my family and close friends about their plan on this rare calender. Some said will open a bank account for thier kids. Some said, well i am supposed to get married today. Some said, i wish i will delivery my baby today. Hahaha. Some said well, this is just another ordinary day, nothing special.

One of my plans for this special date was to send hari raya greeting cards to family members and my close friends. But i failed to reach for the post office before the post office closed due to traffic jam. Anyway, i managed to capture today's date by opening a bank account and writting something bla bla bla here. Guys, u should see the date i posted this post. You will never see it again! LOL.

Well, thanks for being so patience reading. And see you again in ... errrm 10/10/2010?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all fathers and especially to my beloved one.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On air !

Hello friends.

I'm back! Thank you for being so patient waiting for my new story.

This time, I m going to share with you one of my hobbies which i believe most of you have never tried it LOL; that is operating an amateur radio apparatus. I attached 3 pictures here. Look familiar right? These are not ordinary walkie-taklie sets. These are some of the amateur radio transceiver (transmitter + receiver) available in the market. These apparatus is used to communicate with other person by using a certain radio frequency.

Mobile radio transciever

Handheld radio tranceiver

Handheld radio transceiver

Using the radio is not as simple as buying a mobile phone. You need a license. In Malaysia, the use of the apparatus is controlled by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia) under The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1998. To get the license, you need to pass a written examination called RAE (Radio Amateur Examination). If you pass, you can apply from the MCMC the license called Assignment Apparatus License, and a callsign. Callsign is your amateur radio operator's name which you use to identify yourself to other radio amateur operators (hams). No real name is allowed. After receiving your license and your callsign, you can start talking to others, on air, wow!

My call sign is 9W6J**. I'll keep my callsign secret LOL. If you are interested to know, email me or if you know my real name, you can search for my name from the MCMC online database. Each callsign is unique, meaning that no two person in the WORLD have the same callsign.

Callsign structure as prescribed by the ITU (International Telecom Union) consists of three parts: (1) The country and the license class; (2) The state; (3) the unique alphabet identifying the license holder. Example: a callsign of 9W6ABC (pronounce as Nine Whiskey Six Alpha Bravo Charlie) means:

9W : 9=Malaysia, W=Class B license
6 : Sabah
ABC : the unique alphabet specific to the license holder

Talking on the amateur radio is not like talking on the phone. People are listening, so you have to use the right codes, certain abbreviations and not to break any of the ethical codes. My first experience talking on air was funny. I was so nervous and forgot to use the right code when ending the conversation. The codes are used worldwide, namely the Q-codes. Here are a few examples of the Q-codes and abbreviations commonly used by hams:

QTH - geographical position
QRX - I'll call later
73 - regards
88 - with love
QSO - a conversation

WX - weather
YL - young lady
XYL - ex-young lady (wife)

This is a conversation (QSO) between 9W6BBB (pronounce Nine Whisky Six Bravo Bravo Bravo)and 9W6AA (pronounce as Nine Whisky Six Alpha Alpha)

9W6BBB : 9W6AA, 9W6BBB calling
(meaning: 9W6BBB is calling 9W6AA)
9W6AA : 9W6BBB, 9W6AA responds. Go ahead.
9W6BBB : Your QTH? Over.
9W6AA : i m at the working-Q (working place). Over
9W6BBB : How is the WX over there? Over.
9W6AA : Wx is clear and bright. Over.

....... bla bla bla.

Ending a conversation:
9W6AA : Thanks for the nice QSO. QRX 73 (or QRX 88)
9W6BBB : 9W6AA, 9W6BBB QRX 73 (or QRX 88)

If you need more information regarding the amateur radio, for your convenience I list down a few URL here which I think could help you getting a clearer picture about the amateur radio.

Or simply click at the following links:

Guidelines for Amateur Radio Services in Malaysia English: PDF
Guideline for Apparatus Assignment English : PDF
Guideline on the Allocation of Call Sign to the Amateur Radio Service English : PDF

If you want to QSO with me, email me. I'll give you my QRG (frequency)
QRX 73.

Monday, January 26, 2009

History of the internet

Hi there!

I found this video pretty interesting. Take a look.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jiwang & Slow Rock Songs

Hi, there!

I add my favorite jiwang and slow rock songs here which I dedicate to all my beloved friends.

Happy listening !